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Window Cleaning is Just as Important in the Winter

You may think that having your windows professionally cleaned is something best saved for the warmer months of the year. This is simply not the case. It is just as important to clean your windows in the winter, and winter cleaning has its own benefits. Your windows accumulate dirt and grime all year round. Although the snow itself can be pure, it often brings with it kicked-up filth that can stick to your windows and create small cracks or make existing cracks even bigger, deteriorating the integrity of the windows overall.

Keep Your Home Warm and Inviting

Even without snow, there are still many reasons why window cleaning is just as important in the winter. Clean and sparkling windows can make any home or business look and feel warmer and more inviting. A clean window lets in the maximum amount of sunlight and that is especially important in the wintertime when the days are short and dark comes early. There are often more overcast days than not in wintertime and we need the light for vitamin D and to stave off the winter blues. Natural light in the wintertime makes a room feel cheerier and helps fight against seasonal depression. More light also helps you to reduce your bills by using less artificial light, especially on clear, freshly-snowed days where everything outside is a sparkling, magnificent white. 

Protect Your Windows

Dry, arid regions that see a lot of whirling dust year-round can especially benefit from winter window cleaning. As dust, salt, and grime in the air settle onto your windows, it gets compacted and leads to etching. This is no good for a window because etching leads to cracking. If you already have damaged windows this is very bad news. Keeping up with window cleaning throughout the year can reduce your risk of weak or broken windows, allowing the lifespan of the window to be longer and the need for a replacement to be less frequent. 

It is recommended that you use a professional window cleaning service during the wintertime. This is because windows contract in the cold. You need to use the right set of tools and techniques to avoid causing damage or breaking of your windows in the winter there is also the matter of keeping warm and protecting your hands while cleaning windows during the winter despite the need for using water. This can be tricky. 

Winter Weather is Hard on Windows!

Just like heavy rain in the summer, winter sleet and ice can cause streaks on your windows that leave mineral deposits when they evaporate. Sleet and ice can also cause damage much like salt, dirt, and debris can. Consider your location, climate, and type of building when deciding to have your windows cleaned. Your cleaning schedule will largely depend on your own personal situation and schedule, but it is important to have your windows cleaned regularly. Don’t skip over this important task just because the temperature has dropped. Reduce your risk of damage and create a light, warm atmosphere in your home or office building by having your windows professionally cleaned.

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