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Make Window Cleaning A Part Of Spring Cleaning

Spring is right around the corner, and you may be making plans for your spring cleaning projects, like many of us are. Spring is the right time to clean out our garages, closets, basements, sheds, and so many other areas of our homes. We do small maintenance repairs and sometimes even bigger maintenance jobs get done. But one thing that sometimes gets overlooked is our windows. The windows are a big part of how your home looks to the outside world, and what you let the outside world see of your home. Spring cleaning time is just the right time to have your windows professionally cleaned. 

Wash Away Winter Grime

Over the wintertime, snow, rain, and sleet fall. Not only does this kick up dust and muck from the ground that settles on your windows, but it also brings down dust and dirt particles from the air. These particles along with other grime and debris get caked onto windows throughout the season. If allowed to stay there, this stuff will eventually end up etching and damaging your windows. Plus your windows will keep the murky, dingy look, which is never welcoming or inviting. Only bright, sparkling windows can draw in the outsider who you may want to come for a visit, or put off a beautiful glow when you want to showcase your home for sale or some other event. 

Improve Your Chances for a Quick Sale

If you are planning to put your home on the market in the spring, you will be joining many other homeowners. Gorgeous, streak and grime-free windows increase your curb appeal and therefore your home’s resale value. Having your windows professionally cleaned is an inexpensive investment for this endeavor. Or you may be hosting some type of get-together in the spring. A wedding reception perhaps, or a small business function. Your guests might not notice that you have had your windows professionally cleaned recently, but they will definitely notice if you haven’t. 

Stick with the Pros!

Spring means cleaning...windows too!A professional window cleaning company will give you an accurate estimate of what the job will cost you. They will show up on time to their appointment with their own supplies and get the job done using professional techniques and processes just as they said they would. They know exactly how to get every inch of both the interior and exterior windows clean, even if they are top floor windows. You may want to do a bit of preparation to get ready for them to come, though. 

To prepare for the window cleaning service appointment, move any toys, bikes, rocks, sticks, or other debris from around the exterior of your house so that they have easy access with their ladders and other equipment. Pull inside furniture away from the walls around the areas where the windows are, and make sure they floors are picked up as well. You don’t want any accidents. It only takes a little bit of effort to get your windows clear and bright for whatever reason you see in Spring. 

Trust Your Boise & Meridian Window Cleaning Experts

Dean’s Window Cleaning sets the standard for residential and commercial window cleaning in the Treasure Valley. Meridian and Boise residents trust Dean’s as their window cleaning company of choice. You can too! Call 208-972-9995 today to schedule a free estimate!

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