Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning in the Boise area by Dean’s Window Cleaning!

Extend the life of your cedar shake roof with regular cleanings

Do you have a cedar shake roof on your home? If so, you may already be aware that the cost to replace it can be extremely high. Cedar is an attractive and durable wood that can last for decades if properly maintained. Unfortunately, many people end up replacing their entire cedar shake roof prematurely when all it needed was regular cleanings.

In the same way that you clean your teeth regularly to avoid buildup that can break down the enamel, you should have your cedar shakes cleaned to remove the moss, mold and fungi that grow on them. These infestations trap moisture against the wood which encourages rot and decay that can drastically reduce its lifespan.

You may be wondering if you really need your roof cleaned if it does not appear to have much moss or noticeable growth on it. Well, if your roof is discolored and is now a dirty gray rather than its original buff tan it may be covered in algae and mold. Again, these organic growths can deteriorate the surface of the wood and cause rot and decay.

Dean’s Window Cleaning is here to help you! We use a unique and effective method and our proprietary solution is nontoxic and non-caustic. We also include in our solution a citrus based cleaner as well as an algaecide, a mildewcide and a fungicide that break down the organic infestations that can deteriorate your roof. In addition, we use an oil that rehydrates the wood. We do not walk on your roof or use pressure washers as both of these actions can damage cedar shakes and cause leaks.

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About Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning

Ensuring your roof is clean and properly maintained can actually extend its life, and cedar roofs are no different. Cedar shake roofs will eventually start to collect branches, algae, mildew, and other debris throughout the years, so it is important to get them regularly cleaned. In all reality, cedar roofs only start to decay due to other elements – excess moisture and mold. To combat this, having your roof cleaned about every 7 years is optimal for the life of your cedar shakes.

Our cleaning process involves no toxic chemicals or any damaging step to your roof in any way here in Boise. We have developed a special formula to clean cedar roofs that cleans algae, mildew, and fungus, while re-hydrating the cedar shakes with a built-in oil. It is important to note that we do not use any form of power washing on your roof, as that could severely damage the shakes themselves – if someone offers this service to you, they are not professionally trained on cedar roofs.

Using an expert in the field is crucial to the integrity of your roof. While cedar naturally has a long life, it can be shortened immensely by the organic matter that tends to build up on them. Getting your cedar shake roof routinely cleaned by us ensures you get the most out of your roof without needing to prematurely replace it!

Dean’s Cedar Cleaning employees are thoroughly trained and experienced in working with cedar roofs in order to spot signs of damage and debris build-up. Our goal is to not only maintain your roof’s longevity, but also to educate you on your roof – whether we have noticed some storm damage or leaks, we want you to be completely aware of the state of your roof every time we leave.

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Our Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning Process

We take pride in our noninvasive cedar shake roof cleaning three-step process:

  • Before starting the cleaning process, we take a look at the status of your roof. While cleaning the roof will never harm it, it is always important to us to know what state it is in – where the worst spots are, and if there’s any damage to be aware of. Additionally, we protect your plants and the rest of your property when needed. Before we begin cleaning, we will typically pre-rinse your plants to ensure they’re not soaking up the cleaning solution.
  • We start cleaning your cedar roof! This is the part where your roof begins its transformation. Without walking on or power washing your roof and potentially damaging it, we will use our gentle washing system to make your cedar shake roof as clean as it can be.
  • If necessary, we spray off your plants, (or uncover them, if that was how we decided to protect them) siding, walkways, and decks to ensure your home is clean and tidy before we leave! From there, we communicate with our client any other damage that was noticed by our employees upon closer inspection, as well as our recommendation for how soon after they should get their roof cleaned again. Typically, we recommend cleaning your cedar shake roof on a 7-year interval.

Why Dean’s Cedar Shake Cleaning is best in Boise

Professional: With many years in the industry, we know clean. When you hire Dean’s Cedar Cleaning, you are guaranteed to have professional, experienced workers clean your cedar shake roof with the best cleaning process available to the industry. You can trust us to provide your home with the utmost care and expertise while working on your cedar shake roof.

Affordable: We pride ourselves on making our services available to everyone here in Boise, Idaho. You can expect to only pay around 5% of a total roof replacement for our cedar cleaning service – much more manageable than the full roof replacement that would be necessary without any regular maintenance to extend the longevity of your roof. We also offer free estimates.

Reliable: All the cleaning done on your roof is completed by trained, experienced professionals. Because we have all the necessary insurance and coverage, you do not have to worry about any employees on your property. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, our clients have trusted us to properly clean their cedar shake roof for years (and will continue to do so for many years to come!).

Local owner: As a locally owned business, Dean’s Cedar Shake Cleaning gets to service its neighbors and friends every day! We wouldn’t trade this for the world and continue to appreciate the support our community gives to our business. By supporting us, you are not giving your hard-earned money to a CEO with millions of dollars – you are a supporting small business that employs local! Our goal is for our customers to love the end result of every single service we provide for them… every single time.

We use non-toxic cleaners For Cleaning Roofing

For those of us with children and pets, keeping them safe is our number one priority. When you use Dean’s Cedar Shake Cleaning, you know that our cleaning supplies are completely safe for them! You never have to worry about potential poisons in our cleaners – they are completely nontoxic. Instead of typical chemical filled cleaners, our cleaning solution:

-Includes a specialized oil to re-hydrate the shakes of your cedar roof (making the roof moisture and decay resistant)

-Has surfactant soap in order to allow the cleaners to stick to the roof itself

-Has nontoxic chemicals that kill algae, mildew, and fungus

-Contains a base of a citrus cleaner (so you know this process smells good!)

This means no toxic chemicals that could kills plants or pets is ever used at Dean’s Cedar Shake cleaning. We do our very best to keep you and your home safe – and that means going the extra mile when it comes to cleaners. To schedule your cedar shake roof cleaning, contact us today!