Residential Window Cleaning in Boise

We clean every window either by hand using soap, water and a squeegee or, in some cases, with a water-fed pole. Click here to learn more about our water-fed pole cleaning process. Our technicians detail each window with microfiber cloths to ensure that no water drips or soap residue remain.

Our Residential Window Cleaning Packages

Window cleaning is one of the best ways to boost your home’s curb appeal and beauty. Sparkling glass is easily spotted from the street and lets everyone know that this home is well taken care of. All windows and screens are hand washed. We promise 100% satisfaction. If there is anything you’re not satisfied with we’ll be happy to come back and make sure it’s taken care of. Our company only uses the best and safest chemicals on your window cleaning, and it is safer for our window cleaners. See why Deans is the #1 rated Boise window cleaning service, call us today!
We offer three different residential window cleaning packages. Our most popular package is our Basic Package which includes cleaning of the interior and exterior glass as well as a wipe down of the sills and frames. That package does not include cleaning of the track that the window sits in. Our Premium Package is what you’d choose if you want the window tracks thoroughly cleaned. We also offer an exterior only package if you don’t need the insides done. However, many customers end up calling us to clean the insides once they see how clean the outsides look.
Please do not hesitate to contact Dean’s Window Cleaning to schedule a free, in-home consultation. Our technician will walk you through every aspect of our service and let you know exactly what our services will cost based on the number of windows you have and the package you select.
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Before and Afters

Here you can see some of our before and after examples from our residential window cleaning services. Our Premium Package includes interior tracks vacuumed and cleaned. See our example below to see how good your interior tracks can look!