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About Dean’s Window Cleaning

Dean’s Window Cleaning

About Dean’s Window Cleaning

Dean’s Window Cleaning is a family owned and operated business based in Boise, Idaho. We have been a window and gutter cleaning company since 2014 and we also offer services such as house washing and cedar shake roof cleaning. From the beginning our focus has always been on providing excellent customer service and quality work. We guarantee your satisfaction with every service we provide and we’ll be there right on time!

About the Owner

Dean has lived in Boise since childhood, with the exception of four years he spent living in Florida. There, he worked as a roofer and learned much about the trade. After moving back to Boise he worked for two different companies but eventually decided he wanted to become his own boss. At the age of 22 he started his very own window cleaning company. With the training he received from his father in law in the trade and his passion for business he’s grown Dean’s Window Cleaning into one of the top rated window cleaning companies in the Treasure Valley.

Meet the Team


Rick has been cleaning windows since 2005. He really enjoys the instant transformation that clean windows can give a home or business. He has lived in Idaho his whole life and enjoys spending time with his wife, playing his guitar and reading in his spare time.


Eric has lived in Idaho his whole life. He was born in Boise and enjoys exploring the backcountry where he lives. Some of his hobbies are drawing, listening to music, and exercise. He also enjoys biking on the green belt.


Greg has lived in Idaho all his life and he enjoys hiking and playing video games. Most of all he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.


Luke is a Boise native who loves all things 80’s especially the movies, toys and video games. He likes to play the guitar and is a serious fan of the cinema. He and Nicole, his wife of 20 years, are happy to be raising their family in such a beautiful state and caring community.


Michael is originally from the bay area in California, but loves his life here in Boise, Idaho. He’s an outdoor enthusiast, who loves biking, running and camping. He also loves his small family, which includes his wife and his son at four years old.


Riley is a Boise native who likes to get lost in the Idaho wilderness with a fly rod and his dog Jak. He also enjoys making music, cigars and working on his truck.


Josh is from the Boise area specifically Middleton. He attended school in Eastern Idaho where he received his bachelors degree in health science. He loves skiing, wake surfing, and loves playing all sports. He also loves exercising, reading, camping, hunting, and has recently become obsessed with archery. Above everything, Josh’s favorite thing to do is spend time with his wife and his bestest buddies in the whole world, his two sons.


Hello, my name is Payton. I am a lead technician for Dean’s window cleaning. I have been in the window cleaning business for 7 years. My daughter and her future are my motivation for everything. I love the outdoors so if im not at work thats where you can find me.


I’m bryce stewart and I’m 19. I strive to be the best me possible. I like real conversations, and real people. I’m a Boise native and some of the things I like to do is workout, swim, paddle board, and play pickle-ball.


Zach was raised in Idaho and loves classic cars, cruising, and going to cars shows in the valley. He also loves Idaho’s nature and wildlife and often goes hiking and birdwatching.

#1 Green Team

We plant a tree for every job we do

We at Dean’s Window Cleaning take pride in giving back to nature, which is why we are thrilled that we have partnered with One Tree Planted. 

By planting a tree for every job completed, Dean’s Window Cleaning is not only helping to offset its own carbon footprint, but also contributing to the larger effort to combat climate change. Trees are a vital part of the ecosystem and play a crucial role in regulating the Earth’s climate. They absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen, helping to clean the air we breathe and reduce the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

We are committed to giving back to nature through tree planting because it highlights the importance of taking action to address the environmental challenges facing our planet today.

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