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Preparing your home for winter

Preparing your home for winter-

  1. Have your doors and windows properly insulated. Winter heating bills can get high but with proper insulation you can reduce that bill. Add weather strips, caulk and insulated window films to better trap your heat in your home. These are things many homeowners can do themselves or a handyman can do for you.
  2. If you have a traditional fireplace you should have your chimney serviced. A chimney sweep can remove built up soot and reduce the risk of fires. The chimney and fireplace should be services once a year or more often if you use them frequently.
  3. Protect your pipes. Pipes can take a lot of abuse when temperatures drop below freezing. Keep your home heated and when possible keep the temperature around your pipes above freezing as well. When the temperatures drop too low you may need to leave the faucets running to keep the water pressure active and reduce the chance of freezing.
  4. Cover outside spigots and remove hoses. The outside water spigots can freeze and crack which causes leaking. Have these serviced before winter begins and cover them to protect from freezing.
  5. Keep gutters clean. After the fall season your gutters may need to be cleaned out. Leaves can accumulate in the gutters and cause them to stop working or slow down. Keeping them clean helps to reduce the risk of the gutters freezing solid. Icicles should be removed to protect the roof and your home. Cleaning your gutters can be challenging especially if your roof line is high. Calling a professional is cheaper than you may think and a lot safer.
  6. Consider gutter guards. If you have a lot of trees you may want to install gutter guards to reduce the risk of clogged gutters.

These simple steps help prepare your home for a cold winter without a lot of effort. The changing of the seasons always brings new challenges for your home but also new fun.

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