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Why You Will Love Skylights in Your Home

Skylights in Your Home

Skylights are not only a beautiful addition to a home, but they are also an upgrade that can add value to the home. The natural light that skylights add to a home is an attention grabber for home buyers. Whether it is the sunlight during the day or the romantic moonlight at night, skylights not only add the perfect ambiance to a room but utilizing natural light can help cut cost on utility bills.

Skylights are a great way to add natural sun or moonlight to a home while also adding value.

To ensure your new skylights are installed properly, you’re going to need to take time to contact and hire a skilled contractor who has the necessary experience working with skylights so you can make sure they are installed properly to prevent damage to your roof and water leaks into your home. Skylights can be done in many shapes and sizes to add just the right personal touch to any room that you choose to have them installed.

Natural light is very robust accessory to have in a home, and while rooms may seem larger and with the addition of a skylight, you can also save money on the power bill because chances are that you will use less electricity since you have natural light streaming inside.

Skylight or Window?

Many people think that skylights are the same thing as a roof window. While they are comparable, there are a few minor differences in each.

Skylight: A skylight is a stable, immobile addition to the roof that allows light to shine through. Some skylights have vent options so homeowners can open them to have fresh air flow through the home, but most are fixed in place to only allow the natural light to shine in.

Window:  A window on the roof will open and close and usually has a pivoting mechanism to open and shut when needed. Some of these windows are known as vented windows and some people consider them to be a vented skylight. Other roof windows are attached to a light shaft that is connected to a reflective tube and used in rooms such as small interior bathrooms or walk-in closets. These tube windows are generally precise for small spaces.

Advantages of Skylights

Besides the great natural light, skylights offer advantages for the homeowner.

Electric Bill

Since skylights open the house to natural light flow and even fresh air, homeowners can save on the monthly electric bill by shutting off indoor lighting to utilize the natural light and the fresh air flow.


With the use of the right blind, you can control the amount of light that is let into the home through the skylight. Whether you want the room to be bright and airy with no blind or need it to be dim by using a darker blind, it is simple to achieve the ambiance you want inside your home when you have a skylight installed.

Things to Keep in Mind

You know that skylights can add value to a home, and home buyers often consider skylights a luxury item to have in the home. They are however going to cost more to install than a regular window on the side of a home will cost and regular windows will still provide a nice natural source of light inside the home.

During the winter months when temperatures are often cooler outside, skylights not only offer a source of light, but they can also help add heat to the home naturally. During the summertime however, when temperatures tend to rise, that same warmth from the skylight can create a higher temperature inside the home.

Traditional windows are usually required to be installed in a home due to safety reasons to allow people a way to escape the home in an emergency. Some skylights offer a way to open for escape, but you will need to make sure you have a way to climb down from the roof with ease if you are going to choose the skylight as the means of escape from the home.

Cleaning Your Skylights

Skylights need to be cleaned no less than once annually and possibly more if you live in an area that is prone to heavy pollen or dust or tree sap.  While many people choose to climb onto the roof and clean their skylights on their own, this is best handled by a professional window cleaning service to ensure safety. A professional window cleaner will not only take the proper steps to ensure that the right products are used when cleaning the skylights, but they will also make sure proper steps are taken to ensure the roof maintains its integrity as they climb to access the skylight.

Cleaning a skylight demands more than just a towel and a cleaning spray, and the professionals will have the right tools to get the job done the right way. This will include the best window cleaning solutions as well as proper footwear to prevent falls and damage to themselves or to your home or property.

Keeping your skylights clean is key to ensuring the best natural light is accessible through the glass and that the value of your home stays as high as possible.

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