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Clogged Gutters Can Cause Serious Damage to Your Home

Nobody likes cleaning gutters! It’s messy. It’s dangerous. It’s time consuming! But, the alternative to cleaning them is letting them fill up with debris that can cause them to fail as a system. Gutters provide many benefits, not the least of which, preserving your home’s exterior. Your walls, roofing surface, foundation and landscaping can all take a beating when gutters become clogged!

Damage to Walls and Fascia

Walls and fascia are susceptible to damage if water is continuously allowed to pool up instead of being directed safely away. This area is obviously most problematic around the top of your home, adjacent to the gutters themselves.

Roofing Damage

This is especially problematic once the snow begins to fall. Ice dams prevent melting snow to properly drain. The water will backup underneath the roofing material and can lead to serious problems that will require a roofing contractor to intervene. Avoid this possible as much as possible by keeping your gutters clear.

Foundation Problems

Water tends to cause erosion over time. Just look at the Grand Canyon to see what water can do if left to its own devices! While that is obviously an extreme example, the lesson is the same. Water will erode anything in its way! When gutters no longer direct water in a safe direction, your foundation could be impacted.


Adding beautiful landscape features increases your home’s overall value and curb appeal. When gutters are clogged and water runs off in places that it was intended, you run the risk of damaging your landscape investment.

We are now entering the beginning of gutter cleaning season as fall leaves will soon begin to find their way into your gutters! Keep your gutters looking great…call the Boise gutter cleaning experts at Dean’s Window Cleaning at 208-972-9995 to schedule your cleaning today!

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