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Why Safety is a Concern When Cleaning Windows

Everybody loves a bright, sparkly-clean window. And if you are like most people, you appreciate the look of professionally cleaned windows especially. But what does it take to clean a window, and why should you be concerned with safety? There’s a process to getting windows looking professionally cleaned with high shine and ultimate clarity. But not all windows are on the ground floor and not all windows are created equal. This article reviews some of the safety concerns associated with getting your windows bright and clean. 

Multiple Stories Spells Trouble

Window cleaning done the right way involves carrying and using water, buckets, and chemicals. It also frequently involves the use of ladders. These things by themselves present hazards; but when used in combination, they can spell disaster if not taken seriously. Unless you have a home or building with only one floor, chances are that you’re going to have to clean windows on the second floor and above. This will undoubtedly lead you to use ladders to reach those windows to get them clean.

Climbing a ladder can be a dangerous business especially if it is not one of  high quality and sturdy construction. Warnings and instructions should be clearly marked in the proper places and there should be no splits or cracks in the steps or other parts of the ladder. Always make sure to use the proper footwear when climbing a ladder.

It is not just climbing a ladder, but carrying buckets of water and chemicals while doing so that presents a big problem when cleaning windows. This can cause you to lose balance and possibly make the letter fall over if it’s not secured properly. Water being splashed around in buckets may spill and cause the ladder to become wet in places, making it slippery. Often, it is a simple soap that is used in combination with the water to get the windows clean. But if there is a harsher chemical involved for whatever reason, you also need to watch out for potential dangers there as well. 

Sometimes brushes are used to get the dirt caked off of windows before water ever comes into play. Hands that are full of equipment are not able to grip the rungs of a ladder as well as otherwise empty hands can. If you do need to carry brushes, consider attaching them to a utility belt or other type of harness while you climb. 

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Another safety concern to be aware of is power lines. Sometimes they can run close to houses and buildings and you need  to be sure to not bump them or get caught in them with your equipment. You need to avoid hazards such as electrocution, entanglement, and being knocked off your ladder when working around power lines close to your home or other building. 

Be Safe and Hire a Professional Window Cleaning Company

The best bet to ensure your safety and the cleanest windows possible is to hire a pro! Window cleaning companies in Boise have the experience and equipment to get the job done right and get it done safely. Don’t take a chance with your health. Hire a window cleaner and you can focus on safer tasks that also need to be done.

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