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Have Your Windows Cleaned Before The Holidays

Just like the eyes are windows to the soul, the windows show give a view of the soul of your home. They are what connects you to the outside world when you are staying in. They are what draw people in for a visit. They can do wonders for your curb appeal and can increase your home’s value. This is why shopkeepers decorate windows for holidays, and why homeowners place lights around sills-to give the outside world a peek into who they are. With this in mind, we would suggest a good window cleaning before the holidays. 

Did you know that over time, dirty windows can actually weaken? Windows also collect dust, pollen, and debris as the year goes through its cycles. When windows stay dirty and weaken, they are susceptible to etching, scratching, and cracking. During the winter time, our part of the world becomes darker. The sun sets earlier, and there are a lot of grey, dreary days. By having your windows professionally cleaned before the holiday season starts, you will expose the inside of your home to as much natural light as possible, and this will last throughout the winter. Natural light is important for sustaining good mental health, and during the winter time this is even more vital. 

You may not even know what a clean window actually looks like. Windows can build up grime and get foggy and we may not even notice it. But it may be very noticeable from the outside or to somebody who is not in your home all of the time. During the holiday season, families come for visits, friends come for dinners, and there is just general merriment all over the place. You want your windows to sparkle in order to put your best foot forward when it comes to party time. As an added bonus, having your windows cleaned by a professional before the holidays means that you have one less thing to check off your new year’s to-do list.  

We mentioned clean windows as part of your curb appeal and home value earlier, and this is a great time to bring real estate up. In the real estate biz, there is usually an annual spring time rush. If you are planning to sell your home in the next year, you will likely be listing it in the springtime. Having clean windows is one step toward being market ready. You want to attract potential buyers early on, and clean windows are a good way to take the photos of your home to a new, stunning level. Also, decorating for the holidays can be a long hard process. But having your windows all sparkly clean before you start hanging decorations makes the work much smoother and easier. 

Enjoy your holiday season this year. May it be full of light, warmth, and good feelings. Be sure to contact a professional window cleaning service in Boise before the snow begins to fall to avoid the pain and frustration of doing the job yourself. 

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