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Why Some Windows Never Look Clean

As a homeowner, you always want your home to look and feel as clean as possible. You clean your home top to bottom when you can, but in reality, there are just some things you never seem to get to. For many, windows tend to be a forgotten part of their chore checklist, and only get a really good cleaning every year or so – meaning for most of the time, their windows are hazy and dirty. At some point, people realize it might be time to hire a Boise window cleaner!

But when those windows do finally get cleaned, it almost seems like your scrubbing for hours and they still look the same. While there can be a couple different reasons why this might happen, the culprit just might be a broken window seal.

What is a Broken Window Seal and How Does it Happen?

A broken window seal doesn’t happen all the time, but it more common in cheaply manufactured windows. When a window is made, two panes (or more) of glass are put together in order to improve the insulation of the piece. Between the glass, argon is placed to add even more insulation. As time goes on, the seals connecting all the layers together start to break down. Once this happens, the argon is released, and regular air gets in with moisture. As the moisture evaporates over and over, it leaves smudges and dirt on the inside of the layers of glass where you aren’t able to clean.

Although high quality windows are less likely to have seals break within a couple years of installation, it is still possible. Once a seal is broken, the insulation ability of the window deteriorates as well. Some people might want to repair the window at this point, but it would require taking out the window (not breaking the glass), cleaning the inside, replacing the argon, and then finally fixing the seals before reinstalling – leaving a large margin for error. Even after doing all of this, there still is no guarantee that it would work as water marks might be permanently left on the inside panes. Instead of going through all of this, it might just be worth it to replace the window completely by a professional. Hopefully, it is still under a good warranty.

Other Reasons Windows Might Not Look Clean

If you are frequently washing your windows on your own and still finding that they are streaky or dirty, there might be another issue at play other than broken seals. In many areas, hard water is the cause of bad streaks and stains on glass. Salt and other minerals in the hard water might look clean as you wash the window, but once dry it becomes a white streaky mess. This is often seen on windows that are hit by sprinklers or ground water, although there are some areas that have hard enough water inside to look this way as well.

Additionally, using the wrong cleaners will create streaks and dirt marks to accumulate on windows, as will using incorrect tools. While in the past it might have been recommended to use crumpled up newspaper to wipe away window cleaners, that is not the case today. In fact, the ink used in newspapers can actually hurt your windows if used too much and for too long. Instead, using a clean fiber cloth is the best way to ensure a clean and clear finish. After applying a quality window cleaner to the glass, allow it to set for a second before sponging evenly and then wiping off – this lets the cleaner really get into the particles that are sitting on your glass. Don’t forget to clean both sides of the window, as each can get dirty and show through to the other side.

Why It’s Important to Clean Your Windows

Would it surprise you if we said that by keeping your windows clean, you are saving yourself money down the road? It’s true! When windows are kept clean, their life is extended. If dirt and grime is left to cling to the windows for prolonged periods of time, you will probably start to notice that your panes are starting to wear and seals are being broken more quickly – which means your energy bill is going up as the house fights to keep the rooms to the right temperature. Not only are you paying more in utilities, but you will also need to replace the window.

Have you ever seen a window that you can barely look through because of the nasty buildup on it? That buildup, believe it or not, is actually filtering the amount of light that is able to go through it. Inside of the home, there probably isn’t a lot of natural light allowed in because of this. By having your windows properly cleaned, more light is able to penetrate inside. Additionally, people with breathing sensitivities might even notice a difference as windows are clean. The dirt covering windows can get in the air inside of a home and be an issue for those with allergies or asthma.

Using a Professional Window Cleaner

One of the biggest reasons to hire a Boise window cleaner is the energy and time savings you’ll reap. Unfortunately, cleaning windows is probably one of the longest tasks on your chore list and something you dread doing. Instead of continuing to push it off, hire a professional like those at Dean’s Windows to provide a clean, clear finish on your glass you’ll be proud of. Our experts can even show you issues you might not have noticed with your windows before (like a broken seal!) in order to ensure your home is as safe as can be. We don’t want to just clean your windows – we want to help you protect your investment in the long run. When you are ready to have your windows professionally cleaned, give Dean’s Windows a call!

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