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Get better resale value with clean windows

If you are looking to sell your home you are likely trying to maximize your curb appeal. There are lots of tips and tricks on how to increase your home value with small changes but clean windows are often forgotten. Many of the ways to improve your home’s curb appeal are expensive and can take more time then you may have. Considering return on investment is also important when improving home curb appeal, investing in new exterior paint may increase your home value a few thousand dollars but it also costs a few thousand dollars to have done professionally. Window washing is a great way to get the most bang for your buck.  

   Window washing is a great investment in your home’s value and has a great return on investment. Money magazine took a survey of real estate agents and they found that cleaning the windows has the best ROI over even large investments like a new kitchen. Clean windows even outperform repairing election or plumbing issues. It is estimated that window washing has an ROI over 700%. If window washing costs 400 dollars you can expect your home to sell for 2800 more than it would with dingy windows. This kind of return on investment is unheard of! Compared to a pool or kitchen remodel the choice is obvious. The return on investment for a new kitchen is estimated at only 81%, meaning most homeowners pay more for their remodel then they recoup when selling their home. Minor bathroom remodels top the charts at 102% while most other renovations offer negative returns. Deep cleaning and window washing have a great impact on how people view your home and the proof is in the returns. 

You may be wondering why windows make such a difference in your home’s resale value. First, you have to consider the facelift your home receives when the windows are freshly washed. The curb appeal is increased, more light enters the home and it feels brighter and more inviting. Window washing also doesn’t look like you are polishing up a house that may be dilapidated, it makes the home look cared for and fresh. Next, clean windows are universally appreciated. No one prefers dirty dingy windows, but someone may prefer a different color paint, a different cabinet styles for other improvement. So many home improvements are subjective and not everyone loves the same style. While you may love the updates you make to your home a new buyer may not always agree, but everyone loves clean windows. Finally, clean windows make the entire house feel cleaner. It’s amazing how much a little dirty can affect the interior lighting of a home. From the exterior of the home will also feel and look cleaner. Window washers don’t just wash the glass, they also wash the tracks and screens so you get a lot of deep cleaning out of the way with one service. 

Another similar project you may want to consider to get your house ready for the market is professional power washing. Repainting your home is a huge investment but professional power washing can make the home look cleaner and fresher just like clean windows. Professional power washers can remove dirt dust and debris from stucco or siding and give your home’s appearance a fresher look. This curb appeal can add value to your home. Realtors were surveyed and found that deep cleaning often has a return on investment of 400% or more. Dean’s offers both window washing and power washing and would love to complete both projects for you at the same time. Homeowners are always amazed by how different their home looks after the windows and exterior are washed. Driveways and patios can also affect curb appeal and power washing the concrete can really freshen things up. 

Professional window cleaning services make this project zero effort, removing the stress and work from the homeowner. The upfront costs are relatively low meaning many homeowners can afford to do this sort of project. Between professional window cleaning and pressure washing your home will be sparkly and new for its prospective buyers. If you are ready to book window washing for your home Dean’s is ready to help. To learn more and schedule a free estimate, call Dean’s window washing today. 

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