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Three Reasons Windows Last Longer When Regularly Cleaned

Clean windows are one of the little joys in the world and the shine is a great reminder of the return on investment you made with your professional window washing. New windows are a great way to achieve sparkling new windows but window washing can create a lasting shine with a fraction of the investment. Cleaning windows on a regular basis should be part of your routine maintenance. Clean windows is not just about sparkling glass, it’s also an important part of their care and can impact the longevity of your windows. Winter weather, chemicals and other debris can damage your windows over time. If you have ever replaced windows you know that the cost can be a hard pill to swallow but with proper care you can extend the life of your windows. 

Windows can become etched by unwanted debris when they are not cleaned regularly. The etching, cuts and marks can cause the glass to weaken over time. When window panes become weakened they become more prone to shattering. Over time the glass can shatter from impact especially if it has been weakened by debris. Some common causes of etching include sap, sand, salt, hard water and even bark. Landscaping can mar glass as well and should be cut away to keep it from scratching against your windows and home. Cleaning class regularly keeps different impurities from building up on your glass and causing etching. 

Chemical build up is another element that can weaken glass. Cleaning windows regularly can keep contaminants from building up on the glass, acid rain, oxidation and hard water are all chemicals that can build up on glass and impact the health of your windows. Professional window washers have high-grade cleaning solutions that can remove these corrosive elements from your glass easily. Homeowner grade cleaners may not be able to remove these chemicals. Corrosive contaminant removal is one of the reasons professional window washing is worth the investment. 

Clean windows don’t just look good, they work better. The grime and grit that is built up on the windows can cause them to not function as well energy wise. When window panes are covered in grime they may not warm up the way they are designed to in the winter to help warm your home. During the cold Idaho Winters it can be comforting to sit in front of a window on a sunny day and feel the warmth of the sun but if the windows aren’t cleaned you may not feel the sun’s rays. 

Different elements like weathering and oxidation can also impact the seals of the windows which in time can cause leaking, fogging and condensation. Window seals breakdown can cause costly repairs and impacts energy efficiency. Window washers also clean window sills and tracks and can remove dirt, dead bugs and other debris to ensure windows close smoothly and properly. When dirt is in the window tracks windows can be challenging to close and can impact the windows efficiency. 

Window washing goes beyond shiny clean glass and can really help your windows last longer. When hiring a window washer you want to make sure they have the skills to do the job properly, a poorly done window washing can also damage your windows. The longevity of windows is directly impacted by their cleanliness and care. Dean’s Window Washing is a great option for beautiful clean windows. Dean’s has the tools, cleaning solutions and skills to clean your windows properly and improve their longevity. 


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