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Window cleaning check list

Clean windows are a great way to get your house ready for a party, as part of your deep cleaning or to prepare your home for the market. Windows are a focal point of your home, both from the inside and the outside, and clean windows can make a huge impact on how your home looks. When windows are coated in dirt and grime they can make your whole home feel dirty. This window cleaning checklist can help you make sure your windows are well maintained.

Schedule window washing quarterly

Window washing is a viral deep cleaning task and the quarterly service is ideal. Windows make a big difference in your home’s light source and dingy windows can make your house feel dingy and dirty. Quarterly window washing ensures your windows stay clean all the time, many customers find this schedule allows them to keep their windows looking good all the time. Professional window washers find that they don’t run into as many difficult to remove stains and spots on this schedule, meaning the window washing is more efficient. Some companies even offer a contract with lower prices for quarterly service. 

Clean the inside too!

Many homeowners clean the insides of their windows themselves or have a cleaning service that cleans the inside for them while the outside is maintained by  professional window cleaners. This may seem like the right solution but having the inside cleaned by a professional will get you the best bang for your buck. Professional window washers have the right tools to get a streak free, perfectly clean window. If you are washing the interior yourself it’s easy to forget about it or run out of time to clean your windows. The windows can get dirty and hats quickly and make your exterior cleaning less effective. Having your windows washed both inside and outside by a professional window washer ensures the best finished product. 

Leave the windows for last

Always leave the windows for last. If you are having landscaping work completed or have a power washer coming to clean the exterior of your home make sure you do these tasks before the windows get washed. Dirt can stick to your glass quickly undoing the beautiful cleaning the window washers just completed. If you are having interior work done that involves flooring, drywall, paint, or anytype of remodeling you should wait to clean your windows. Scheduling your window washing for after all your projects are complete will ensure you cleaning lasts and adds the perfect sparkle to the end of your project. 

Mother Nature isn’t enough

Rain may help clean your windows some but it can’t be relied on to clean away dust, dirt and salt that will build up on windows overtime. A downpour can help take away some grime but can also make windows dirtier but helping dirt to stick to your windows. In Boise during the summer months rain doesn’t come as frequently as you may need to keep windows clean, during fall and spring the wind blows so much that pollen and dirt sticks to wet windows. Water isn’t all your windows need to come clean. Soap and some elbow grease are needed to remove the grime that builds up on your windows. Drying the windows is what gives them their sparkling clean look. Cleaning your windows is necessary even when it rains. 

Watch for hard water

Hard water stains can be very challenging to remove. Hard water deposits are formed when minerals are left behind on the water causing white circles and marks. Hard water can be challenging to remove and is a job best left to the professionals. Calling for a professional cleaning when hard water spots are first discovered can make removing them easier. ProfessionL window washers have the right tools and tricks to get these deposits off windows without scraping or scratching the glass. Mineral deposits can be tricky but aren’t too much for a professional. This service is great for interior glass too. 

Professional window washing is a great deep cleaning task to freshen up your home. Hiring a window cleaning service can make a huge impact on how your home feels and looks. Following the guidelines above can help keep your windows looking great year round.

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