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Abseiling Is the Hot New Trend in Window Cleaning

There are several different ways to wash windows. One of the most common ways is to build scaffolding and allow the washers to stand on the scaffolding. They work their way up the building as they clean the windows. You can also use ladders. Ladders pose certain risks though. You can’t easily work side to side with a  ladder since they pose a danger of tipping over. So the window washer would need to climb down the ladder, move it over, and then climb back up. You’re also greatly limited for height with a ladder. There is a new trend that has emerged with window cleaning companies that has become very popular. That trend is abseiling.


What Is Abseiling?

 In the United States, abseiling is often known as rappelling. It is the process of descending a cliff, rock, or building face with a double-looped rope. The rope is affixed at the top of the structure. The window cleaner then wraps the rope around themselves, secures it to a harness and descends the building. Abseiling, or rappelling, has become one of the hottest trends in window washing because it is efficient and simple.

A scaffolding system requires complex building and a lot of space on the ground as well as on the side of the building. A cherry picker is very expensive and requires a lot of space. It also requires a lift operator as well as a window washer. Lowering a bucket from the roof is more efficient but it is still far more equipment; also, the bucket would have to be lifted from the ground which would require pulleys.

Abseiling window washers can move side to side easily. They can go up and down the building. They can wash a wide radius of the building without ever having to move their anchor points.


What Are the Benefits?

The benefits for the window cleaners are simple. They are able to quickly set up and begin washing your windows. They can use fewer washers with far less equipment. They’ll save time and money. The benefits for the customer are simple as well. There is far less disruption of your business while you’re having your windows washed. A few guys on the side of a building should not disrupt the flow of business. Also, it is quicker and less expensive for the company which means they can pass those savings on to you. It’s a great option for everyone.

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