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Are Window Cleaning Drones the Future?

Technology has been pretty constantly changing for several decades now. The technology of window cleaning was bound to change. Some things are as old as time and will never change; you need water and a cleaning solution to effectively clean a window. However, the nature of those cleaning solutions changes as does the way it is delivered. There are delivery systems available now that we’re not even thought of ten years ago. One of the most significant is the window cleaning drone.


What Are They?

 There are two basic kinds of window cleaning drones that have emerged on the market in recent years. One type of drone has a cleaning solution and a squeegee on the drone. A pilot flies it up to each window, applies the cleaner and then cleans it off. These types of drones are popular in the imagination but they’re still not more efficient than a talented window cleaner. It is very difficult to apply with a drone the horizontal force needed to effectively clean a window.

The other type of drone is one that assists a human window washer. They’re especially useful for window cleaners who are abseiling, also known as rappelling. When you are on a ladder, a scaffold, or your rappelling, you’re very limited in what you can carry with you. That’s where a drone becomes very useful.

If you have someone on the ground who can fly cleaning supplies up to you while you’re on the side of a building, you can save a lot of time and effort that would be spent getting up and down off the building.


Who Uses Them?

 Window cleaning drones are becoming more popular and you might find one at a local window cleaning company. The companies that have window cleaning drones are still working out the most efficient ways to utilize this technology.

Also, smaller operations have begun to rely on this technology. As with many advances, the first adopters are smaller companies that are attempting to even a lopsided playing field. If your company only has a few employees, you can’t match the large crews of big companies. However, you can use work multipliers such as drones.

Drones can also be something of an advertising ploy; in fact, that might be their greatest benefit for a window cleaning company. Drones are popular with just about everyone; they’re popular as toys as well as tools and even military weapons. So, if you are running a company that utilizes drones, many customers will choose you just to see how well it performs.

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