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How To Remove Paint From Windows

If you have ever painted your window trim you have probably had to get paint off your glass. This is a common issue but there is a right way to get the paint off and protect your glass.

First, take the tipe to prepare your space properly. Put painters tape up and cover the glass with protective plastic or paper. If you have divided windows this can be a huge project. If you have divided windows it may be easier to paint and then remove the paint from the glass.

The first thing to remember is to never scrape or scrub the paint off while it is dry. A lubricating solution is very important to prevent friction which can cause scratching. You can make an easy solution for protecting the glass with water, soap and vinegar or your favorite glass cleaner.

Next gather the proper supplies like a window scraper, the triumph scraper is a great option. You may want to use a plastic scraper if you are worried about accidentally cutting yourself. The hardware store sells scraper designed specifically for removing paint from glass. These scrapers are also great for removing paint drops on the floor or other places. Steel wool is another item you may need for broader areas of paint on your glass.

To remove the paint you will need to hold the blade at a 45 degree angle and push it towards the window frame. Avoid pushing the blade into the gasket. Life the blade after each pass. The paint should come off with just a few passes.

If the paint is hard to remove or on high windows you can call in reinforcements. Window washers are a great resource for all things window washing, including paint removal.

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