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Schedule Your Holiday Window Cleaning Now

The holidays are fast approaching and no matter what you celebrate or how you celebrate having a clean home for your celebrations is a top priority. Cleaning your windows may not be something you have considered. Sparkling clean windows can really make your home feel cleaner and brighter. What’s better than watching for Santa or watching the snowflakes gather outside during the Holiday season? Clean windows make these activities even more enjoyable. 

Get Ready for Guests

Cleaning your windows will make your home more presentable for guests. When hosting a holiday party in Boise you may want the window treatments open to show off the sparkle of your Christmas tree. Having guests look through spotless glass will add to the beauty of your Christmas display. Our team is trained to work in all differ temperatures and can clean your windows in preparation for thanksgiving and the winter holidays.

Check Another Item Off Your “To Do” List

Cleaning your windows prior to the holidays means you will get to go into the new year with one less thing on your todo list. Starting the new year most of us set goals for our lives, maybe one of your goals is to stick to a cleaning schedule. Window washing is a great quarterly task and you will have a jump start on quarter one. The holiday season is so busy, outsourcing a task like window washing to the professionals is a great way to lighten your load. Professionals make the job look easy but window washing can be a challenging project especially when the temperatures drop. 

Get Ahead of the Spring Selling Season

If you are considering selling your home in the spring, adding window washing to your holiday todo list can help. Spring is a very busy season for window washers so scheduling for the holidays can help you get a jump start. Your home will be market ready before the rush, allowing you to do other tasks and reap the benefits of sparkling windows during Christmas. Trying to schedule your window cleaning in the spring surge can be impossible.

By scheduling your window cleaning now for the holidays you will have one less thing to worry about. The holidays add a lot of hustle and bustle to our lives, pre scheduling lets you reduce some of your stress. We recommend calling by the end of October to make sure we have room on our schedule for you. We can help with interior glass as well like shower doors, mirrors and more. If you need help with these projects we are happy to create a quote for you. Clean interior glass before holiday guests arrive is a great way to cut down on chores before out of town guests arrive. 

Call the Boise Window Cleaning Experts at Dean’s Window Cleaning

Clean windows are an overlooked treat but at Dean’s Window Cleaning we know just how valuable they are. Winter light is maximized, the house looks fresher from broth inside and outside and the views of falling snowflakes and Christmas lights are unimpeded. Schedule your holiday window cleaning today to make sure your windows sparkle as bright as your Christmas tree this year. 

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