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Clean Windows Can Actually Reduce Illnesses

There are so many reasons why it’s a good idea to keep your windows clean. Clean windows increase the amount of light which allows you to save money on lighting, they look great, and they improve the look of your home or business. However, there’s a less well-known reason to hire professional window cleaners; clean windows can help you avoid illnesses. It seems like every year, someone gets sick with the flu or a cold or allergies. Well, those are usually caused by viruses. Research has found that clean windows can actually reduce virus loads.

Cleaning the Dust

Researchers created three different types of climate-controlled rooms. The rooms allowed either no light, visible light, or ultraviolet light through the windows. Researchers then analyzed the viruses contained in the dust in each artificial room. Researchers found that the room than allowed ultraviolet light through the windows had fewer viruses and bacteria than the room that didn’t allow as much light.

This makes sense because ultraviolet light is a disinfectant. It’s used in many water filtration systems to kill viruses and bacteria in water. So, it makes sense that ultraviolet light can kill bacteria in your home as well. You need to allow the maximum amount of light into the windows though. You can do that with a good window cleaning.

Clean Windows

Your windows are responsible for the overwhelming majority of natural light coming into your home, but dirty windows can reduce light by as much as 40%. When that happens, the antimicrobial qualities are cut by 40%. Cleaning your windows is such an easy way to increase the light in your house and reduce the chance of illness.

Furthermore, the outside of windows often develops mold and mildew from moisture on the window. Mold and mildew are common culprits in seasonal illnesses. When you open your windows, thore spores can transfer into your home and make you ill. In that way, cleaning your windows will have a direct and immediate effect on the irritants and pathogens in your house.

Lastly, clean windows that allow in more light can actually affect seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Every year, thousands of people suffer from anxiety and depression due to extended periods of darkness and early sunsets. Increasing the amount of natural light has been shown to reduce the prevalence of SAD. Clean windows can thus be considered a way of fighting against SAD and other mood conditions affected by light levels.

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