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When is the Best Time to Clean my Windows?

Living in a city with changing seasons you may be wondering when is the best time to clean your windows. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to schedule your window cleaning. First you really need to consider what you are wanting to get out of window cleaning. If you are looking at window cleaning as a required maintenance plan the answer is different than if you are wanting to know when to wash your windows to ensure they stay clean as long as possible. Nobody wants to wash their windows and have it rain the next day but eventually all sparkly windows will need a new scrub down.

Spring cleaning is a popular window washing period. The winter weather is slowly leaving and people are excited to open their windows and enjoy the freshness of spring. Window washing in this season is a popular for good reason, it really allows you to enjoy the sunnier days and warmer temperatures. Spring can bring rain showers which can be a concern. Clean rain storms will likely leave little mark on your windows but a windy rain storm can blow up dirt and cause your windows to become dirty again.

Party season is also a common time for window washing. If you are preparing your home for a party you will likely want to have everything sparkling and clean and window washing is a great way to achieve that. Graduation parties, weddings and other parties are often held during the summer months and having clear windows can make for an even more beautiful setting.

Fall is also a common time for window washing. The end of summer allows people to sit down and look at all the tasks they have put off during vacations and having the kids out of school. Window washing is likely something that was left on the back burner. Now that you have the time you will want to schedule a cleaning to ensure your windows get the care they need.

Summer is actually an ideal time to clean your windows weather wise. There is less weather to worry about and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of your sparkling windows. The heat of summer can make it more challenging on the window washer but a skilled window cleaner can yield great results even in the heat of summer. Fall can be a good season for window washing as well. Fall typically has dry periods and less heat so the windows can be cleaned without the concern of the water drying before it can be squeegeed off.

If you are looking to keep your windows clean all year you will want to consider a cleaning schedule. Some people choose to have their windows cleaned for special occasions or annually. This is fine but will not yield beautiful windows all year long. A semi annual cleaning is also a good option and will give you decent results. Quarterly cleaning is the best choice and your windows will look clean nearly all the time. Monthly cleaning is ideal for ensuring the windows are cleaning all year and is a great service for commercial clients.

There is no wrong time to wash your windows. The best time to wash your windows ranges based on your needs and climate.

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