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5 Reasons You Hire a Professional to Clean Your Windows-

It doesn’t matter how big or small your home is, washing windows is a big chore and one that most people dread. It is important to wash your windows to keep your home looking beautiful, allow the light to shine in and keep up your home. Hiring a professional is the best way to go for washing windows and we will explain why.

First, washing windows is time consuming. We all have a lot of things to do each day and spending the better part of a weekend washing windows isn’t most people’s idea of fun. Using one of your days off of work to do more work can be a big bummer! Hiring a professional window washing service can take care of your window washing chore without much effort on your part.

Second, washing windows can be dangerous. If you aren’t use to climbing a ladder it can be an unsettling task. When washing exterior windows you will likely need to climb a ladder even for the ground floor windows. Some interior windows may also require you to climb a ladder to reach them. Window washers climb ladders all the time and are able to maneuver them much safer than a homeowner may. Still don’t believe us? The CDC posted a study in 2011 that said 43% of fatal falls in the previous decade involved a ladder. They also said that “falls remain a leading cause of unintentional injury mortality nationwide”. It’s dangerous business being on a ladder!

Next, washing windows takes some experience to get a great finished product. Washing windows is hard work and requires scrubbing, rinsing and drying on each window pane, sill and track. It can take a lot of finesse to get a streak free finish as well.

Also, It can be expensive to get all the tools you need to wash your windows like a professional. You will need squeegees, buckets, towels, cleaning solution and a ladder. In some situations you may also need a power washer. Buying all these products can cost much more than hiring a professional to clean your windows and you won’t have to lift a finger.

Finally, when you hire a professional you are protected. If there is an accident while washing your windows yourself you may be on the hook for the expenses because your insurance may only cover part of your claim. A reputable window washer is licensed, bonded and insured. Hiring a professional takes the liability off of you and puts its on their capable shoulders.

Hiring a professional window washer may seem like a waste at first but when you consider all the factors laid out above you can see that the cost is worth while both for your safety and time.

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