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What to do before having your windows cleaned

Hiring a window washer is a big time saver for homeowners and is much safer to leave the high windows to the professionals. Streak free windows aren’t easy to achieve but with the right tools and know how a professional can yield sparkly beautiful windows. There are some things to consider before hiring a professional and some things to do before they arrive.

 Three big factors to consider if you are considering washing your windows yourself are is it safe, do you have the time, and will you leave the same quality. Safety is a huge concern especially with high windows. You may even need to rent equipment like a scissor lift or boom lift from a local tool and equipment rental company to reach these windows, which makes hiring Deans Window Cleaning the more economical option.

 There are some things you should do before Dean’s team arrives. Cleaning your blinds is a big chore but it will help your windows sparkle and keep dirt off your windows. Cleaning other areas of your home like ceiling fans before the window washer arrives will help to keep your windows clean for longer as well.

Moving any fragile items near your windows and below them will help the professionals to come in and quickly clean. No matter how careful the washers are accidents do happen so removing these items prior helps to keep everyone happy.

 Finally talk to the window washer about your window screens. They will be cleaned in the process but can also be repaired if you have any rips or tears in them.

 In the end a window washing service like Deans is safer for you, saves you time and yields crystal clear results.

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