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Window Washing for New Construction

Cleaning the windows before listing a newly built home can make the house feel brighter and more inviting. Potential buyers will love the curb appeal of a home with gleaming glass windows and clean window tracks make windows easier to open. Dean’s window cleaning cleans the glass, tracks and even the screens on windows to ensure the entire area is sparkling and beautiful.

In a new development there is so much dust from grading and other projects that the outside windows are likely to be covered in dust somewhat regularly. Hiring Dean’s to come clean windows throughout the selling process and for model homes helps to keep your customers happy and homes beautiful.

One of the services Dean’s window cleaning provides is window washing for new construction. When building a home there is a lot of dirt and debris kicked up. Installing drywall, custom cabinets from custom cabinets, and flooring can create a lot of interior debris that will cloud beautiful new windows.

Dean’s provide top level window cleaning services for all sizes and types of windows. They can also remove hard water spots from glass, sinks, and other areas. Hard water spots are unsightly and hard to get off but a profession can make quick work of the project.

In the end, Dean’s window cleaning is perfect for new construction to ensure the homes are perfect for their new owners as well as any other window washing project you may have.

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