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Colder Temps are Coming…Are Your Gutters Ready?

With the onset of winter only weeks away, it’s getting colder and colder as the days’ pass. Your gutters need cleaning now if they haven’t already been taken care of. The colder months are especially difficult on homes that are not prepared. There is one simple reason to have your gutters prepared for winter; snow and ice must have somewhere to go when it melts.

If you live in climate that sees regular snowfall, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll have snow melt. When the snow on your roof melts, it’s just like having a rain shower. That water needs somewhere to go. Anything that sits in your gutters that prohibits easy flow will cause more problems with water sitting against your home’s wood surface or pooling in places around your foundation that you don’t want. Check out our previous blog article on this subject!

Clogged gutters can be devastating to your home, especially in winter. According to an article on todayshomeowner.com, “In the winter that same backup can freeze and result in ice dams, which can damage the roof of your home. The slower water drains out of gutters, the easier it is to freeze, and the longer it takes for gutters and downspouts to drain once the temperature rises back above freezing.” And that’s not all. The author goes on to point out that, “In addition the added weight of the ice can also cause gutters to pull away from the house.” You don’t need to be an expert on gutters to know that is bad! The last thing you want is to have non-functional gutters in the winter time only to have to replace them or repair them in the spring.

Take the time now to have your gutters cleared of any debris and give your ice and snow someplace to go when it melts this year! Call Dean’s today and set up your gutter cleaning. It’s quick, easy, and could save you some serious money!

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