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Don’t Forget to Schedule Your Gutter Cleaning! Spring Rains are Coming!

Now that the weather is starting to warm up it is important to think about preparing both your roof and gutters for the spring rains. Snow and ice can cause damage to roof and gutters and repairs may be necessary after a cold long winter. Inspecting your gutters and roof from the ground as possible but climbing onto the roof is important if you do not have a good line of sight. Sticks and branches can collect in the gutters and cause damage to the roof if left undetected.

Remove Foreign Objects

The first step is to remove any foreign objects from the roof and gutters. Pine needles, sticks and other plant materials can cause the gutters to become clogged. Scheduling your gutter cleaning in early spring is important for ensuring your cutters will function when heavy rains come. When gutters are clogged, water can splash down over the eaves, damaging plants and causing mud to splash up on your house. Removing these clogs is important to keep water damage from occurring to the eaves or anywhere else the gutters are on your home. Moisture buildup is another concern.

Look for Damage

After the winter you should also check your roof for damage, especially along the gutters where ice dams can occur in cold snowy winters. If shingles are buckling or have become too smooth they may need to be replaced any torn or missing flashing should also be replaced. Your house needs to be able to breathe so ventilation stocks should be checked at the beginning of the new spring season. Repairing this sort of roof damage can save you from costly repairs down the line. Your gutter cleaning company often is the first line of defense and identifying the sort of damage.

After a long winter you should also check your attic for holes, going inside the attic and looking for water or daylight intrusion can help protect you from upcoming rain storms. You will want to start at the peaks and look down stream from there. These holes can be the result of ice, hail or just general wear from years of abuse. This annual check up will help save you the headache of water intrusion in your attic. 

Check Gutter Integrity!

Tightening gutters after the winter is another step you want to take. Ice and snow can be very heavy and pull the gutters away from the eaves and damage the anchors. The gutter cleaning company can help with these repairs and help make sure your gutters are functioning properly before April showers arrive. Other damage to the roof, flashing, caulking or shingles should also be repaired and replaced. 

Hire Professional Gutter Cleaners in Boise

Any damage should be repaired quickly to prevent costly repairs. Cleaning gutters regularly is an important maintenance step for your home. Many homeowners find that hiring a Boise gutter cleaning company makes this process easy. We all get busy and forget about this sort of maintenance but a service can help to remind you about these projects and keep your todo list short. Keeping gutters clean helps protect your gutters and roof line from damage and also increases the lifespan of your gutters. 


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