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How to Properly Wash Your Car Windows

If you hire a professional to clean or detail your car, you’ll likely get it back with your windows absolutely sparkling. When you have your windows cleaned in your home, it is a nice way to make your home look better and to allow more light in. When you have them cleaned in your car, it’s also about safety. Clean and clear windows are absolutely essential to keeping your sightlines unobstructed. So, how do you wash your car windows to keep them crystal clear between professional washes?

Save the Windows for Last

 Saving the windows for last when you’re washing your car is important because soaps can run down from the roof of your car and contaminate the windows. Water can splash up and contaminate the windows. There’s just a lot that will get on your windows through the course of washing them.

Also, if it’s a warm day outside, that can cause the water or soap on your windows to evaporate faster than you can dry it. That will leave behind water spots.


Move it to the Shade

 The next thing you should do is move your car to the shade if it’s a hot day. Cars are made of metal and glass, two substances that heat up quickly. They can get so warm that any soap or water evaporates too quickly. You’ll then be racing to clean your windows before the washing solution dries up. Moving it to a shady spot is a better option if you can.

Buy the Right Cleaner

 Typical household window cleaners use ammonia as their primary cleaning agent. Ammonia is pretty harsh; it can eat away at any tint on your windows as well as degrading the rubber seals around your windows. You should choose either an automotive glass cleaner or make your own. To make your own, you could use a tiny bit of dishwashing liquid in a bucket of water. That is usually sufficient to clean windows.

Buy the Right Supplies

 You need something to apply the washing solution and something to dry the windows. A microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning the windows. Dip it in your bucket of cleaner, rub it around, wash off the windows, and then dry them. A squeegee is the ideal drying tool. Clean cotton or a microfiber towel will work as well. A reusable cloth diaper might suffice as well.

Don’t forget to clean your windshield wiper blades; you’ll defeat your purpose if you smear dirty blades on clean windows.

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