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Hard Water Stains on Windows

Hard water build up in windows can be a big issue and very hard to clean up and remove. Minerals in the water can etch their way into the glass and make it very hard to be removed. A professional does have some techniques and tips to remove hard water even deposits that have gotten between the panes.

Water can get between the glass when the seals fail and moisture can gather between the panes. Sprinkles and other water can contain minerals that will later begin to collect. Water deposits can also gather on the outside of the glass and is commonly attributed to a rogue sprinkler.

There are some cleaners that are specifically designed to help with hard water deposits. Hard water stain treatments can be costly but they are cheaper than a new window. Window washers are a great resource for finding a good cleaner for removing water deposits and how to properly remove the deposits to not damage the glass.

Window washers know how to work with the cleaning products and can reach windows that are harder to reach without proper tools. You can also ask a window washer to help you with indoor glass that has deposits.

The steps for removing hard water include applying the solution, allowing it to sit and begin working and then rinsing it off. If the cleaner is a paste or has abrasives in it is important to not scrub it while on the windows or it can scratch or etch the glass.

Hiring professionals to clean your windows always yields the best results. Achieving streak free windows is not always easy but professionals yield streak free beautiful windows every time.


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