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What Do Professionals Use to Clean Your Windows?

If you’ve cleaned your own windows, you’ve likely seen the streaks that a standard window cleaning liquid can leave behind. There are two possible reasons for those streaks: the cloth you’re using, and the cleaning solution. If you’ve seen the results of a professional window cleaning, you’ve noticed that the windows are completely streak-free. How do they get their windows free of streaks when you can’t? The answer is that they use better supplies.


Instead of simply applying a cleaning solution and then wiping it away, professional window washers usually employ brushes. The brushes are soft-bristled brushes that can scrub away any dirt, oil, and grime that could have built up. One of the most useful tools is the flow-through, or water-fed, brush. This is a brush on the end of a pole that connects to a water hose. Water flows through the head of the brush to the window. That means that the brush stays wet to soften the dirt on the windows. Also, the constantly flowing water washes away any loosened dirt. The result is a much cleaner window with very little work.


The water that comes out of your tap tends to have minerals in it that have either been added for health or are present naturally. When the water dries, these minerals are sometimes left behind in tiny amounts. Those are what are generally referred to as “water spots.” They’re common for people who try to clean their own windows. Professional window cleaners eliminate water spots and streaks with squeegees. You need a quality squeegee that forms a tight seal against the window. The rubber squeegee pulls all the water away from the window, leaving behind a dry, streak-free shine.


The chemicals used to clean a window are also incredibly important. Often purchased in bulk, the glass cleaners are typically concentrated formulas that are designed to be mixed with water. They’re made of very strong chemicals that cut through everything that might hit your window. Also, since they are designed for professional use, they’re considerably stronger than the chemicals in your standard window cleaner.

Finally, the professional window cleaners often apply more than one chemical to your windows. When you buy a bottle of standard window cleaner, it is designed to clean, polish, and protect the window all at once. It does none of these particularly effectively. Professionals will often apply a chemical to clean, an additive to polish, and then a final chemical to protect the window.

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