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Your Small Business Will Benefit From Cleaner Windows

At a small business, cutting costs and saving money is absolutely essential. Even for successful small businesses, profit margins are incredibly slim. That leads many business owners to cut out things that might seem extraneous, such as professional window cleaning. However, you shouldn’t necessarily cut out window cleaning. It’s one of the more cost-efficient expenses that you’ll choose. Window cleaning serves several benefits; here are a few of them.

Increased Business

Potential clients and customers see the outside of your business before they ever see the inside. Therefore, the outside of your business needs to look great. You need to make sure that the sidewalk, driveway, and parking lot in front of your business are clean and swept. You also need to make sure that the windows are clean. Smudges, dirt, and grime will drive away customers. Essentially, when customers see dirty windows, they assume that you do not take care of your building; therefore, you likely don’t take care of your customers. You need to dispel this notion with great windows.

Furthermore, clean windows allow you to better display your goods and services. If you are selling items, having them in the window will help draw in customers. Customers need to be able to see the items clearly; to do that, you need clean windows.

Energy Efficiency

The average household spends about $125 a month on lighting their home; a small business spends even more. You could easily be spending $200 a month on lights alone; that could be severely eating into your profit margin. To save money on your lighting, you should keep the windows open as much as possible. That will allow you to light your building for free. However, to maximize the amount of light, you need clean windows. Dirty windows will block the sunlight and reduce the cost savings. A good cleaning will solve that.

Burglary Protection

Many businesses choose to keep the windows open and the lights on all night. Paradoxically, that makes it less likely that you will be burglarized. When the lights are on and the window is open, anyone passing by can see into your store. If a burglar were to break in, they would be visible to everybody passing. To make sure that you’re providing the ultimate in protection, you need clean streak-free windows. That will give a good clear view of the inside of your store. It’s also essential if you have cameras that face outwards.

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