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Fall is Gutter Cleaning Season in the City of Trees!

The beautiful fall leaves that once adorned the neighborhood trees are now mostly on the ground! At least they are in my neighborhood. The ones that aren’t on the ground are finding their ways into places they shouldn’t be, like your gutters! It’s important that your gutters remain free of debris to work properly. Clogged gutters are more than useless, they pose a hazard to your home allowing water to backup under your roofing material or shingles.

Fall is gutter cleanup season in the Boise area! We’re not called the “City of Trees” for no reason. Cleaning your gutters, while very important, can be a little treacherous at times, depending on your home, your skill set, and your equipment. It is a good idea to let the pros handle work like this. Gutter cleaning companies have the proper equipment and experience to get the job done correctly and safely.

Most companies will give you a free quote if you give them a call. It’s important to get a quote instead of an estimate. An estimate may vary while a quote should be a firm price. Keep that in mind when working with your local gutter cleaners.

A few things to look for in any home improvement company you hire to work on your home include licenses, insurance, bonding, and references. Insisting that your contractor have these items in place will help ensure a great experience with less chance of damage to your home. Not just anyone with a truck and a ladder should be working on your home. What if their ladder breaks a window or they damage some of your landscaping? Are they prepared to deal with that? Probably not if they’re not insured and bonded.

Act now in case southern Idaho has another winter like 2016-17. Once the snow starts to pile up, then melt away, your gutters will need to perform as designed. Ice dams are very destructive, and you’ll want to do everything in your power to prevent them from damaging your home. Clearing your gutters of debris is just one step to help minimize the impacts of ice dams.

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