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How to Clean Tough to Reach Windows

The first-floor windows are easy to reach for cleaning, but the second-story windows are a different matter. Cleaning windows that cannot be easily reached from the ground can be both challenging and dangerous. Professionals possess the necessary tools and ladders to make reaching high windows an easy task. By utilizing the appropriate tools and techniques, you can safely access hard-to-reach windows.


Safety is a significant concern when discussing window washing, as working at heights with water can create a dangerous situation. Difficult-to-reach windows can lead to slip-and-fall injuries when individuals lean off the side of a ladder to access windows that are just slightly too tall or far away. Considering safety before starting your window washing project can help prevent such accidents.

To begin your window washing project, start by gathering all the necessary equipment. Set up a staging area with all your window-washing tools to ensure you have everything required for the task. This staging area serves the dual purpose of ensuring you have essential safety equipment and streamlining the project by having everything readily available before you begin. Collect towels, brushes, sponges, squeegees, cleaning supplies, and buckets.

When selecting a ladder for your window washing project, ensure that it allows you to reach the window without having to use the top few rungs of the ladder. When placing the ladder, ensure it is stable and not shaking or wobbling. It’s always a good idea to have a second person hold the ladder steady while you work on it, providing added security and preventing any slips. Many window washers wear gloves as a precaution to avoid injury if the window glass unexpectedly breaks.

Telescoping Tools

Telescoping tools offer a fantastic solution for washing windows without the need to climb to great heights. With a telescoping rod equipped with a scrubber and a squeegee, you can effectively clean windows without having to use a ladder. This method ensures safety as you can remain on the ground throughout the cleaning process.

However, while using telescoping tools, it’s important to be cautious of your surroundings. Before starting the task, make sure you have a clear area, free of any wires or obstacles that might interfere with your movement. Being aware of your surroundings helps prevent accidents and ensures a smooth and safe window cleaning experience.

Remove Windows When Possible

Another alternative for safer window washing is to remove the windows and clean them from inside your home. This method works well for windows that open, as it provides easy access to both sides of the glass without requiring a ladder or telescoping tools. However, it may become awkward when dealing with very large windows and will require some focus on safety.

When opting for this approach, it’s crucial to handle the window removal process properly. If you’re not experienced in window removal, consider seeking professional help or guidance to avoid damage or accidents. Ensure the area around the window is clear of obstacles and take care not to bump into furniture or other items while handling the windows.

Proper lifting techniques should be used, especially if the windows are heavy, to avoid strain or injury. Use appropriate window-cleaning tools and solutions to avoid any damage to the glass. Working in pairs during the window removal and cleaning process can add an extra layer of safety and make the task more manageable. By being mindful of safety and following proper procedures, cleaning windows from inside your home can be a practical and secure method, particularly for windows that open.

Roof Access

Certain homes have rooftop windows that necessitate roof access for cleaning. Accessing these windows often involves difficulty and may require reaching and straining, making it challenging to clean them using a ladder alone. Some individuals attempt to clean these windows by leaning over the eaves from the rooftop, but this approach is not safe.

Magnetic Window Cleaners

Magnetic window cleaners have gained popularity on social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok, but in practice, they often fall short of expectations. While they might seem convenient, these devices do not work very well. One common issue is that they can scratch the glass due to the pressure needed for cleaning. Additionally, there is a risk of the magnets separating, leading to the loss of half of the device during the cleaning process.

Not only are magnetic window cleaners potentially damaging to the glass, but they are also time-consuming to use. Despite the promises of ease and efficiency, they often do not yield satisfactory results. As a result, many users find them to be less effective and more hassle than they appear to be on social media.

Avoid the Ladder all together

Leaving the window washing to the professionals and staying on the ground is a highly favorable option. Homeowners often discover that hiring professionals not only delivers superior results but also eliminates the associated risks. Moreover, the equipment required for window washing, particularly tall ladders, can be quite expensive, making professional services a more cost-effective choice.

For the safest and most effective way to clean your hard-to-reach windows, consider reaching out to the window cleaning experts at your local Dean’s Window Washing. With their knowledge, experience, and specialized tools, they can efficiently and securely handle the job. So, if you’re tired of dealing with those dirty, difficult-to-reach windows, don’t put yourself at risk by attempting it yourself; instead, call Dean’s Window Washing.

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