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Birds Flying into Your Windows? A Few Tips to Help Prevent This from Happening

While there are many advantages to beautiful, clean windows, there is also one downside. Birds often mistake your clean windows for “clear air” ahead and will fly right into them at full speed. If you’ve experienced this, then you know how gut wrenching it is to hear the “thud” of another bird that’s likely just lost its life. There are a few things you can do to help prevent this from happening.


Again, the bird is only flying into what it perceives to be a safe zone. If you can keep it from looking like something that it might be used to, it will be less likely to head that direction. Large stickers or decals of almost any kind will help. You may lose some of your view, but we’ll talk about options for that in a moment.


Installing bird netting over your windows will keep birds from hitting the hard surface at full speed. The netting should be installed away from the windows in accordance with the manufacturer’s direction. The netting not only keeps the birds from hitting your windows at top speed, but also maintains a certain amount of your view available to you.


You can buy special sheeting designed to break up the reflective nature of your windows while keeping the view that you love. Products like CE Guaranteed, is an adhesive film that goes on the window’s exterior surface to prevent bird strikes. You can get products like this in an assortment of colors or patterns to enhance the look of your home while making it safer at the same time.

There are many options to choose from and you may find one works better for the birds in your specific situation. Regardless of which one you decide on, it’s important to know that you do have some options when it comes to making your home safer for our feathered-friends!

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