Washing your second story window screens and windows can be challenging. Screens that can be removed from inside the home make the job easier but if you have the right skills and equipment, it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Step 1- Use a Ladder

Typically people use a ladder to access the window easily. The ladder needs to be tall enough that you can easily access the proper windows. When you put the ladder up you will need to make sure it is vertical to the base of the house and there is a comfortable distance from the wall at the bottom. Ensure the ladder is secure prior to climbing the ladder.

Climb the ladder and remove the screen. Bring the screen down to be washed on the ground. The screen should be rinsed and scrubbed with soapy water and then set out to dry.

Now you will start cleaning the window itself. Bring soapy water and a spoonge or squeegee up to the window. Hang the basket on the top rung and proceed to clean the window. Squeegee the water off or use a cloth to dry it.

Step 2- Cleaning sliding windows without a ladder

Sliding windows are typically able to be cleaned from inside with a short handle squeegee or a sponge. You will have to reach out the window and wash the window from inside. You may have to adjust which side of the window is open or open and close the window to get the full surface.

Step 3- Cleaning Sash Windows without a ladder

Sash windows are challenging to clean without a ladder and may require a safety harness. Screens can also be hard to remove from inside. You will have to hang out of the window in a safety harness to wash these windows without a ladder. You will close the window sash onto your thighs to allow you to reach all of the window. This is an advanced technique that is best left to the professionals.

Step 4- Use a Magnetic Squeegee

A magnetic squeegee can be a great solution to washing second story windows without climbing a ladder or hanging out of a window. The magnetic squeegees allow you to access the window with your feet firmly on the ground. The squeegee can leave streaks which is less than ideal.

In the end there are a lot of options for cleaning second story windows. However, more flawless results come from professional window cleaners.