Squeegee 101: How to Squeegee a Window

Properly squeegeeing a window takes some know how and technique. Properly squeegeeing a window will leave it clear and streak free. This is the most challenging part of cleaning windows but once you master it you will have beautiful results.

The technique has a lot of different aspects for ideal results. The tension placed on the squeegee, the speed and pattern are all parts of the process that you need to consider. The best way to master the squeegee is by doing it. Pick a window and get out there and keep scrubbing and squeegeeing until you have ideal results.

First you need to scrub the window and have all the debris removed before you start to squeegee. Then check the squeegee channel, this needs to be perfectly straight. Also you want to make sure the rubber is not worn. You also need to have a towel ready to wipe the squeegee off.

When starting you will want to squeegee from side to side. Starting at the top squeegeeing from the left to the right and then slowly going down in rows. Squeegeeing from top to bottom is much harder and not the best option. As you begin to pull you will start to add an angle to the squeegee to allow the water to channel out. As you get closer to the other side of the window you will straighten the squeegee out.

After you complete the squeegeeing of the window you will need to wipe the edges. Wiping the edges and window sill is part of the detailing process. Missed spots, streaks and lines are all things you will see if they are missed during the cleaning process. If you have spots, streaks and lines you will probably want to start over. Water beads are another issue you may run into. If you have water beads you are probably not following the technique outlines above.

In the end properly squeegeeing a window is a trial and error process. Keep working at these techniques and you will soon have spotless shining windows! As a matter of fact, you can have the best looking windows in Boise!