How to Properly Clean a Window

Cleaning your windows is not a task most people look forward to. Typically homeowners gather supplies like windex, paper towels and a ladder and get to work. This technique requires a lot of elbow grease and doesn’t always yield the best results. Scrubbing and rubbing the windows is actually bad for the cleaning process. You move the dirt around on the window and create static electricity that will attract more dirt to the windows. Using the proper tools makes a huge difference in how clean the windows look and stay. A squeegee like the pros can make all the difference.

The first step is to use a strip applicator to scrub the window clean. The soapy water and scrubbing head make it easy to clean the window and remove all the dirt and grime. Warm water and dish soap are an easy combination for cleaning windows. When scrubbing multi-pane windows you may use a sponge or similar product instead of a strip applicator

Next, you will need to squeegee the window. The process for squeegeeing the window is difference for picture windows, multi-pane windows and additional window styles. On picture windows you will want to so a large reverse s motion. After each pass you will have to wipe the blade clean. If the window is multi-pane you may want to customize your squeegee to ensure the best finished product.

Finally you will remove any additional drips that you didn’t get with the squeegee and then dry the window sill.

To remove tough stains and spots window cleaning professionals recommend using the barkeepers best friend. You can create a paste and scrub away hard water and other spots.

Washing windows like a professional is all about the right tools and techniques. It can be hard to wash tall windows but with extension rods and ladders it is possible. Calling in the professionals is another way to ensure you will have streak free beautiful windows.